Me being amazed with the capabilities of modern cameras. I shouldn't be, but I am.

Some words on the recent effort I've put in to restoring old content and making it accessible on this website.

A look at a short article by Le Guin on what consitutes technology, and how that encapsulates a lot of what I like about the communities I've tended to gravitate towards of late.

Some new music that I've been listening to.

I finally stop putting off switching out my longboard for something more suitable: another longboard.

A reflection on what a simple web button on an old website represented to me, and what I still feel is important today.

A look at Raynaud's Syndrome and how I try deal with it.

Some notes on, and recipes using, live yeast for bread and treats.

Squishing the bandwidth footprint of this site with webp.

A look at the film photography aesthetic equivalent for the digital age.

A look at photography book Modern Color, an unusually vivid look at the 50s and 60s through the eyes of Fred Herzog.

A quick look at what I like about the static site generator Hugo.