This is my website for random personal things: mostly posts of something that has caught my eye, or of photos I have taken.

I have two other websites that are probably of more interest and use. I run Electric Flapjack, where you can find out about how I build electric guitars and other makery type musings. Alternatively, I do technology design and development on a contractor basis, which you can read about over at Digital Flapjack.

If you’d like to get in touch then you can email me; I’m michael at this domain.


This site is built using Hugo, a simple static website generator.

The font uses for headings is ChicagoFLF, a public domain font inspired by the original Mac, just like I have been.

The site is statically hosted via nginx on linode, with the exception of the search functionality which is hosted on the same server using Guilty Spark.


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