Lightening the load

22 Nov 2021

For a while I’ve been tempted to apply the dithering code I was playing with to this blog to reduce the image sizes. Currently most images on this website are synced using a script from my flickr account to here an I don’t do much with them, so the images are unnecessarily large.

However, I was interested to read a post on Doug Belshaw’s blog where he had confessed to the same idea, but then found someone had done practical experiments using the webp that showed that dithering worked against modern compression algorithms to produce larger images at times, and if you really wanted small images you should switch to webp.

Well, I have far too many projects I should be doing, which is why I’d never tried dithering on this site, but thankfully the tool I use to generate this site, Hugo, now supports webp out the box, so it seemed about time I reduced this page’s bandwidth footprint.

Hopefully readers won’t notice much difference, but it’s nice to know things might load a little faster for them.