Fairly terrible, but this is practice. I’ve never been good at strumming patterns, and this song is all about the stunning pattern, so trying to work at it.

In tribute to the passing of Ginger Baker, Cream’s drummer. Not a great tribute as my timing here is poor, but an attempted tribute none the less. If you haven’t listened to Disraeli Gears then I highly recommend it: Cream helped shape what we think of as rock and roll.

Using GarageBand to create drum beats to play along to. Found playing this very familiar rhythm guitar bit surprisingly hard to play when I had to match the drums - shows I need to do this more often!

I definitely prefer Clapton’s Cream era to what followed, but I guess learning this was inevitable given its classic status. I’ve not yet learned it will enough to justify overdrive on it :)

For a while I was in a small band a year or two ago, and this was one of my favourites we played. The guitar part isn’t that exciting, but as a band of worked really well, I think particularly as we had a couple of good singers to carry this one. I left the band as their tastes clashed with what I wanted to learn, but I do miss being in a band still.

23 Sep 2019

I’ve gotten out of the habit of practicing with a metronome, time to fix that.