Not very exciting to watch, but this is practice:) trying to get better at the fills on Lenny. Not how it gets better once I move my guitar neck higher, I clearly need to shorten my guitar strap!

My pedalboard has a gremlin in it, and so I plugged straight into the front of my 5W amp. Compared with my other regular guitar, the pickups here at hot enough if you push them to overdrive the amp, but not if you’re gentle, so I played around with this dynamic for a bit. I’m glad the neighbours have builders in right now :)

Still trying to find things that inspire me to play. I was listening to Lenny by SRV and reminded that like yesterday’s tune this is another one of a similar tone that I feel amazed I can play.

I’ve been very busy this last week, which is why there’s been no practice, but also I’m lacking in motivation a little if I’m honest. This morning I was trying to find bits to inspire me. This is one of the things it still amazes me I can play.

Trying to get this simple triplet riff to flow, but I’m not used to this pattern and it made my fingers quite tired by the end!

Still working on this solo. Early on it shifts from second position to first position which for some reason here totally confuses my muscle memory.

My guitar teacher was trying to get me to move outside the safety of the usual minor pentatonic scale so I spent most my practice just trying to get used to thinking of where these might fit. It’s a mess, but you have to start somewhere!

15 Oct 2019

Today I tuned up. But then my amp or one of my peddles played up, so my poor practice record of the lady few days continued.

Taken from a book on blues guitar improvisation I have, some picking in the style of Howling Wolf’s guitarist Hubert Sumlin

Trying to add a new blues solo to my writing set. Pity Laura who had to listen to twenty minutes of this over and over as I tried to get it under my fingers.