The other day I was practicing the second solo, which is more a blues style solo, but this first solo in the song is very different to play, being more of a vocal melody for guitar.

Due to life getting in the way which meant my practice became irregular I stopped posting these. Only in the last week have I managed to start to get back into my routine. Partly I also lacked motivation, but my guitar teacher came to the rescue with this as a challenge

A first go at the first solo in that song. Vaguely recognisable, but timing needs work as it’s a bit monotonic now I hear it back.

8 Nov 2019

Today I Practiced: but my head was full of other stresses and I was feeling tired so no video as it was all terrible. But I did at least put in some time.

6 Nov 2019

Still working on trying to get this more fluid. It was made a lot easier when my guitar teacher pointed out a much simpler way to hold the major 6 chord.

Had my weekly lesson last night and my guitar teacher liked what I was trying to do, but recommended giving myself longer bars to make it less panicked :)

I really struggle switching modes between strumming and picking, my brain just freezes as it tries to reconfigure, as if the two styles are in totally different brains. What I’m playing here sounds simple, but my brain is working overtime down to the switching - so much so I’m in drop-D to just to make the rhythm part even simpler to play.

I’m living without a pedalboard at the moment just to try and get reacquainted with that direct sound without frills or reverb etc. Having no looper makes it impossible to hide mistakes when practicing solos.