Sketchy motorcycle maintenance - Part II

26 May 2006

So, the battery charged over night okay, the bike started up the firs t time fine, but on the second start I could hear the starter struggling again and the red battery warning light returned once more. I took the bike for a 20 mile run (and thus missed the gym – no bacon roll for me today then…) to see if that would help remove the red light of doom, but alas not. So my best guess would be that the battery is a bit dodgy, perhaps due to the large number of small runs I do on it (Cambridge not being that big). Now I have the charger that I can leave on over night I have some protection, but I suspect my weekend drive to Ireland is looking unlikely at the moment.

And, perhaps sympathetically, I feel a bit under the weather today too. Though I suspect mine is more due to a hectic week rather than anything actually wrong with me. Either that or stressing about the bike is getting to me!