Sketchy motorcycle maintenance

25 May 2006

Went to start the bike this morning and alas it failed to start up :( I’d noticed that the battery light was on last night as I headed home, but I didn’t have time to take it for a longer run to see if that would charge the battery up more and remove the red light (another example of a warning system that causes the problem to get worse, albeit very slightly). Anyway, I got all dolled up in my bike gear, wheeled it out, and although all the dash lights came up and the fuel injection system sounded happy, pressing the starter button resulted in a feeble sounding attempt to start the motor, rather than the roar of life I was expecting.

Got a trickle charger unit for the bike on the way to work, and nipped home at lunch to install it (which also required I needed to get some spanners – clearly I’ll get all tooled up now that I’ve got the bike). The charger seemed to start working happily enough, so now I’ll just wait and see if either tonight or tomorrow morning it’s finished charging and starts up.

On the topic of tooling up, I’ve also got some Oxford soft pannier bags for the bike, which should hopefully carry enough t-shirts and stuff to let me last 5 nights in Ireland. I suspect not exactly, but I think between that and hotel laundry services it should be enough :)