Initial Frames

A photo of the cover of the zine, showing the view from behind a film SLR camera on a tripod, as the camera looks out over some fields.

Although this is the second (of hopefully many) zines that I’ve made, it was the one that first made me think I should make a zine. To try and find a way to re-engage with photography and force me to properly understand the principles, I got a minimal fully manual 35mm film camera. This zine documents the first six rolls of film as I try to figure out how to work in this new medium and as I work my way through different film stocks to try and work out what works where.

A lot of the pictures you can see here, but as with my first zine it was nice to be forced to pick a select few that I wanted on paper, and to try and arrange them in a way that let me compare out comes (each double page attempts to offer a comparison between two complimentary photos).