5th May 2024 at 18:07

For my birthday I got a small postcard printer, to let me make physical copies of photos so I can give them to friends and family and have some dotted around the house. About a month later I also discovered, thanks to Morag Perkins the Postcards From Afar art-swap, which is like a secret-santa thing where people send each other postcard sized bits of arts they made. This picture here, which is totally my thing in intersecting film photograph and surfing (I don’t surf, but I do skateboard, longboard and snowboard), was my first bit of art, which I think is from SelyFriday. A great piece to put in my office to remind me not to always be there.

A photo of me holding a photo flat on my desk. The inner photo is a grainy black and white shot of a surfer walking to the water with their board.