24th January 2024 at 17:30

Finally genuary day 18: Bauhaus. I fretted over this one for ages, learning up on Bauhaus, listening to podcasts on the topic, as I very much like their ethos. But nothing inspired me to code.

But I had a guilty secret in my head: when I hear the term Bauhaus I first think of the 80s goth punk band. A friend introduced me to their version of Ziggy Stardust before I knew what either Bauhaus or Bowie were. When I hear Ziggy Stardust in my head it’s this version I hear rather than the Bowie version (despite now being a Bowie fan).

Rather than fight this, I decided to roll with that idea, and this is based on the over of their album The Sky’s Gone Out, which has a nice fractal/lightning feel to it that seemed a great match to how I’ve been doing a lot of Genuary.