Fopp bought by HMV

10 Aug 2007

As a follow up to the article on Fopp I posted the other day, the BBC reports HMV has bought the Fopp brand and will be keeping 6 of the chain’s bigger stores open. It’ll be interesting to see how Fopp like it’ll be under the new management. In the local Cambridge paper HMV said they had written to all the ex-staff and asked them to return where possible, so there’s at least some attempt to let Fopp be.

I was amused at a comment on Facebook which told of the graffiti on the Byres Road branch in Glasgow (where I’ve spent many an hour and many a pound) which apparently reads: “f**k i-tunes” (sic). Not sure iTunes can yet account for that much of a sales loss in the UK, but I think the general move to digital music will take its toll. I imagine that in the future places like Fopp will become the boutique music shops for the specialist, whereas the more mainstream places will all move online.