Chicken's teeth

12 Aug 2007

When I was ill the other week and feeling a bit listless, Laura kindly got me a present of Lego Star Wars I & II for the Mac. To help us fight the evil empire more efficiently, we went out and got some generic USB PC gamepads, which worked fine on the Mac with no problems. Here’s L piloting a pod racer:

If you’ve not played Lego Star Wars (particularly the second game, which covers episodes 4 through 6 of the movies), I do recommend it. It’s got a good sense of humour about it, and makes for a very good cooperative two player game.

Despite not being a top gaming platform, there are quite a few good games out there. I’ve also got World of Warcraft and Unreal Tournament 2004 for the Mac. But they’re not all there, no Half Life 2 alas – at some point I’ll cave and buy the PC version no doubt.