My homage to Beautiful Katamari

2 Oct 2022

A little random Sunday morning improve that reminds me a little of the music to one of my favourite video games of all time, Beautiful Katamari, which had just the best soundtrack to boot.

This is partly inspired by #looptober, where people are making small tracker or loop based tunes each day in October. I’m not going to try that, but there’s been some lovely stuff start to trick into my social media feed, like this one by Alison Parrish who made it on her Gameboy, which is what inspired me to try this little loop over what feels like a video-game-esk loop.

This is also me trying to see if I can wing some music theory. The main vamp here here is B7 and A7, which I think means I play in the A Lydian mode. Normally when I try to wield music theory like this is that I then explain what I thought I did to my teacher at my next lesson and they explain to me what I actually did :)