Looptober 3

9 Oct 2022

This is a little thing that is a hybrid from yesterday’s playing something based on Weird Fishes and my usual blues jazz style nonsense, inspired again by the looptober thing that people are doing, which I find quite inspirational. Each morning this month I’ve been logging into mastodon and searching for #looptober and seeing what people have been making, and there’s lots of people just experimenting, which I guess is the nature of trying to do a tune a day as some people are doing. Lots of the submissions are just a few bars long, but they are still nice to listen to.

This is only the third one I’ve felt right to post, versus my normal practice bits. This is a mutation/simplification of the riff from Weird Fishes, over which I’ve mixed a very basic subtle bass part, and then an improv that is major pentatonic, major scale, major pentatonic. The timing is a bit off, but it’s not something I want to get sucked into labouring over, which would take the fun out of it.