Lonesome Street

30 Jul 2023

The latest Blur album didn’t hit home for me, but did cause me to dive back into one of my favourite bands of the years. I put on the film of their 2009 reunion concert at Hyde Park whilst working this week, which really got me wanting to plug into a loud amp and play some Blur tunes, so when I went into the workshop this week I took my OG telecaster with me to indulge in some noise, which I just recorded on my phone, so no fancy audio this time :)

This is meant to be Lonesome Street, the opening track from their previous album, Magic Whip released in 2015, and is certainly in my top three blur albums (along with 13 and Blur). You can see how it’s meant to be performed here:

My versions doesn’t quiet work when all you have is my foot tapping to fill in for the rest of the band, but I had fun. And I feel compared to earlier playing I’m getting a bit better at not rushing ahead in the fun bits and keeping some semblance of pace - I recently restored all my older practice sessions I had previously uploaded to Instagram as part of my daily practice routine back in 2019, and it was somewhat, erm, educational, to see some of those performances :)