6th July 2024 at 09:02

Once again I was showing of my unusual breed of guitar building at this year’s Liverpool Makefest. My thanks to all those that stopped by for a chat and to play the guitars, and to the Makefest organising team for the opportunity to be there.

It was a great day - slightly less manic than the last couple of years, I assume in part due to the weather - but it was still fairly full on for the entire day. What I enjoy the most about Makefest is that it’s not just makers who come to see what’s happening: being free to enter and in the Central Library means you get a lot of people who’ve never seen makery things before, and so you have a chance to try show people some new ideas, and hopefully a small percentage of people will be inspired afterwards to try their hand at something new themselves.

Also, I like to note that once a year I get to take a 20W valve amp into a library and give people the permission to rock out in a space that is known for needing to be quiet - if that’s not some measure of success in life I don’t know what is :)

A photo of me stood in a library behind a table with several guitars, including one where the body is 3D printed.