15th June 2024 at 14:31

I realised I didn’t have any nice promo shots of Älgen, my hybrid guitar build, so I spent an afternoon in the workshop trying to rectify that. I’m not really a product photography person, but I figured I had enough bits of both kit and knowledge to do an okay pass. The best trick was getting a second light, referred to as a fill light, to round out the lighting - I spent about forty pounds on this LED panel, but it really makes a big difference. I have to confess I was heavily cribbing from having been filmed for TV recently, the cameraman for that, Andrew, did a great job, so I was trying to duplicate some of what he was doing.

A photo of the back of a camera set up on a tripod in a workshop, pointing at a guitar on a bench. On the camera rear screen is me holding the guitar, as taken a moment ago.