11th November 2023 at 17:21

Laura and I did something we’d not done in perhaps over a decade this weekend: we went to a barcamp, Barcamp London 12 to be specific. It was a much more subdued affair than my memory of unconferences from back in the day, but that did make for quite a chill day, and everyone who did make it along did seem to enjoy it whether or not it was their first on their nth.

I gave a couple of talks (one on guitar building, and one on working in/with ecology), I met up with some old friends, and I learned some new things, and I also hid in a corner and worked on a paper submission deadline occasionally, such is the nature of academic life these days.

Of the talks, I particularly enjoyed learning about Flitter, a small domain specific functional language developed for doing live projection art performances, and learning about a couple of tools (Cards For Humanity and Universal Score) that give you a gentle framework for integrating thinking about inclusivity in your projects.

A photo of a 7x8 grid on a glass wall made with masking tape, and in wach slot is a postcard, on which the majority of which have a talk title scribbled in, covering topics like "How to give a talk", "Web standards", "3D printing a guitar", "Playdate" and so forth.