14th August 2023 at 18:15

Back when I found computers fun as devices on their own, I used to share a lot of screenshots with friends as we compared how we’d set up machines, particular back when I hung out on the old Ars Technica forums in their pre-conde-naste days. I found an archive of these from my old website recently and finally imported them here - at some point I’ll make a category page for them, but for now you can find a bunch if you just browse the desktop tag.

It has to be said my current desktop, hasn’t changed a huge amount from what I used to run back then. I still use a terminal for most things, I use Music Miniplayer by Mario Guzm├ín to hang on to a nice minimal way to control my music, and use Lickable Menu Bar along with having UI transparency effects disabled to give me an old style menu bar. The high res versions of the classic Mac desktops come from 512 Pixels.

I’m not complete backward looking in my choice of UI thought: I use fish now instead of zsh, showing I can do progress some times.