When pigs fly: Windows 10 Linux compatibility layer

23 Aug 2016

In my younger, idealistic, /. reading days, Linux was the true way, and Microsoft as portrayed as the big bad, reduced to a dismissive two letters, and one of those wasn’t even a alphabetic character (M$). That younger me (this was pre OS X zealotry, and my current general platform ambivalence), would have been quite shocked to see this: my zsh based environment running happily, natively, under Windows 10:

zsh terminal runs happily in Win 10 on my MacBook

For total cross platform love, that’s running on my Apple MacBook in boot camp :)

So far it’s working very nicely – there’s a little complexity with the file system view, but the fact that apt-get works and I can install common Linux tools the way I’m used to from Ubuntu is quite nice.