Watching the planet

22 Dec 2016

I forget what depressing bit of news made me aware about how little I know about the global planet patterns beyond the obvious ones like the gulf stream, but it gave me an idea to try and find a way to make me more aware of the planet’s ebb and flow.

A little looking around the Internet later, I found this wonderful site, which gives an up to date animation of various metrics for the planet around the sea, air, particulates, and pollutants, which is simply called earth.

A picture of the earth website showing the wind patterns

Armed with this our wall mounted monitor in the kitchen now just slowly cycles through various of these maps, showing us the evolving global state of things like precipitation, ocean currents and wave heights, CO2 emissions, and dust particulates. Hopefully over time I’ll get a better understanding of how the planet behaves.

If you want to see why China’s efforts to green its economy are important, you can have a quick look at these maps of sulphur dioxide emissions and carbon monoxide emissions.