Rushed Migration

11 Jul 2020

I doubt anyone will really notice, but this site was unavailable for a few days due to a race between me slowly migrating away from where it used to be and that service going away sooner than I expected. As a result, I’ve deployed the work-in-progress version on the grounds of having something up is better than nothing.

The main change is I want to host a bit more than just the blog here, so you’ll for instance find a seperate feed of the photos I post to Flickr that I’ll try to keep in sync - though again I’m not quite there with all that yet, so that might be a bit sparodic initially too.

The main thing, that no one will realise for obvious reasons, is that the RSS feed locations are now all broken. So if you were following by RSS you’ll need to resubscribe via the links on the right. The RSS feed is also one of those where currently it has partial posts - I’ll try fix that too at some point soon, sorry.

Still, a bit of excitement for an otherwise somewhat moribund website.