Multiple Buell Anniversaries

23 Mar 2008

On Saturday it was a double anniversary for Buells: it was exactly one year previously I’d ridden out of Black Bear on a new Buell Ulysses; and it was the 10th birthday of the UK Buell Enthusiasts Group. The former attended the latter’s celebrations out at Blackbear on Saturday. There’s only a small number of Buell owners in the UK, but the UKBEG team put on an impressive array of events for nothing more than the love of it. As a new Buell owner I’ve got a lot out of the existence of UKBEG, so I’m happy to wish it many happy returns!

Alas, the weather was against us, with driving wind, hail, and snow – here you can see my bike braving it outside Black Bear:

A view out of a window of some motorbikes in the wet, with a small amount of snow falling.

Despite the weather there was a reasonable number there, and good spirits, although any thoughts of a ride out were gone – the short ride home was interesting enough. Still, a look at all the smiling faces in the usual array of pictures shows a good time was had, and it was great to put more faces to names from the UKBEG forums.

Well done to UKBEG, and well done to BlackBear for another excellent event!