More fixes

27 May 2006

So, I’ve clearly hit a phase when everything just goes wrong. In addition to my bike woes, my iMac died a few weeks ago. I was holding off calling Apple Care until I’d had time to back up the hard disk, as I feared sending it back to Apple and not seeing any of my lovely personal data again. In my past two experiences with Apple Care they’d sent me a nice box in which to insert the object of brokenness, which was then collected by DHL, all of which adds wonderfully to the fixing latency.

Anyway, I figured I’d phone them today now I have an external HD on which to drop the data (this involves putting the HD from the iMac into another iMac, incase you were wondering…). After 26 minutes of explaining to them that I’d checked everything they were about to suggest, they got to the bit about the box, but low and behold they said they’d send out an engineer. I’m not sure if this is because this time I’m on the full 3 year Apple Care plan or because basically the recongnised my greatness or some mystery other option, but either way it’s a welcome improvement, assuming the engineer turns up :)

Hopefully I’ll soon my iMac restored and I’ll be able to rejoin clan playpen. Perhaps it’ll even be fixed in time that I can use it whilst waiting for the man to come and fix the washing machine which broke a while back…