New starts

22 May 2006

Hmmm. New blogging tool. Gave up on the old set of hacked up python I used to run, in favour of something more polished (i.e., something polished by someone else…). I guess the old blog will remain for now here

The old blog kinda died a death due to things happening in my personal life, and for a while I didn’t particularly have much to say. Then meta events slowed down things (no broadband for a while, iMac died, yada yada). Anyway, this is an attempt to do things again.

The dyndns name is both a song title (my default naming policy for things like email subjects when I can’t think of anything else is to pick random (unrandom if I’m awake and can think of one to match) song titles), and a reference to the fact that the computer hosting this occasionally locks up.

You can also comment, but I need to hit the software more as currently it’ll link your email address in the comment, which I don’t like. I’ll get around to fixing that at some point, but for now you have been warned!