Jaguar shapes

20 Jul 2022

One of our neighbours has this lovely old Jaguar XJ-S that they keep in great condition. Not my type of car, but I do think Jaguar did a great job on the lines with this model.

I was chatting to my friend Jason at the weekend about how I find it difficult to take photos of cars and motorbikes that are interesting (at least to me). The best I can do is try focus on some of the smaller design elements, like here, but often they only make real sense in the broader context of the overall design.

The only other technique I’ve found that helps is to generally get low down, as in here, or the motorbike picture I posted from a few days ago. I find the vehicle tends to fill the frame better that way.

Taken with my Yashica 50mm ML.

Taken on 21 May 2022, using a SONY ILCE-7RM2.