Cadillac Ranch

10 Apr 2020

Cadilla Ranch in camera is very much like Cadillac Ranch in real life - both amazing and mundane, but even more so in camera.

There’s some observation sweet zone at which in the installation is really impressive, but too far away and you can see too much context and it loses its visual power. In person close is good, but too close with a camera and you lose too much context and it becomes mundane again. I have lots of photos of the cars, and very few of them manage to get across the impact of being there.

Here I’ve probably processed too much, but I’m just trying to capture that feeling from the pictures I have without being able to go back with what I now know about the compositional requirements of the place. Mostly the key has been cropping to give the cars just enough space to stand out, but not too much space that they become lost.

Taken on 24 October 2016 in Amarillo, Texas, using a Fujifilm X-E2S with a Carl Zeiss Touit 2.8/12 lens.