When the future arrives · Sep 21, 05:52 pm

Back at the turn of the year, I had the good fortune to test drive a Brammo Empulse R, the first electric motorbike that I’ve ridden that can hold a candle up to its petrol driven counterparts. Now some ten months later, I’m very fortunate to have one of my own:

Getting here hasn’t been easy, mostly due to the unfortunate demise of the electric vehicle distribution company I was buying the bike through. Thankfully with lots of help from Laura, and help from Brammo’s main European sales rep, a bike is now in my position, and I’m delighted.

Unfortunately, no review on living with it for a while. We essentially have had to import the bike ourselves, so it needs to be registered with the DVLA etc., so it’ll be another couple of weeks before I can get it on the road. But at least from here, with the bike in my possession, it’s easier to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

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