Can you dig it? · Jul 14, 09:44 am

After a year and a half, the original M&L minecraft server has seen most of us burnout a little (amazed that it took that long), so Laura and I thought we’d mix things up, and run a second server that has monsters on, and is running the Tekkit mod, which includes all manner of engineering/magical based goodies. For an idea of what to expect, you could watch this informative documentary series on building a jaffa cake factory.

To join in the fun you need 2.75 things:

0: You’ll need to grab the Tekkit Launcher – because Tekkit has so many mods involved, they’ve made a nice launcher app to take care of it all for you. Go here and grab the launcher for your preferred platform (Xbox alas not an option). Fire it up, and select the “Tekkit” option in the big button thing in the top left, then sign in. It’ll pull a bunch of mods for you, then present you with the familiar Minecraft login screen.

1: You’ll need to be on the white list. If you were on the white list before, then you’re set. If not, drop me a missive, and I’ll forward it to the review commity.

1.5: (optional) Given how big a change Tekkit is from regular minecraft, we’re using an alternative skin, as to us it’s really a different game. We recommend this one, which is Tekkit friendly. If your machine is up to it the 128×128 version is nice. Installing it is also a bit of a pain – once you’ve launched tekkit once (no need to connect to the server) you should find you have a directory like this (on the Mac):

~/Library/Application\ Support/techniclauncher/tekkit/texturepacks

That’s where you should drop the zip file. It’ll no doubt lock up the UI for half a minute whilst it loads too, so you need to be a little patient.

1.75: (optional) If you’re on the Mac you’ll probably want to remap how tekkit uses the left control key, as it maps it to zoom and boost, but if you’re on a laptop that’s your right click modifier too.

Finally, all that done, head over to the usual server, but use port 2556 and join in the fun.

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